Springsteen lyrics: I need your help

So I’m working on this itty bitty project & I just realized that since I’m making it for YOU it should be you who decide what goes in it ;)

Send me your most uplifting feel-good inspiring motivational hopeful comforting Bruce lyrics.


so stuff like “don’t worry we’re gonna find a way”

and “show a little faith there’s magic in the night”

Share as many as you like! I really appreciate it x



I discovered this picture and this quote not too long ago. I thought it was so interesting. Picture taken by Barbara Pyle in the early morning of July 20, 1975. Bruce says this about the photo: “You have to see the band. It should be on the cover [of Born to Run]. Scariest thing ever. You ain’t never seen faces like that in your life … we were there for four days, and every single minute is on everybody’s face. The light comes through the window, its like ten in the morning, we’ve been up for days. We got a gig that night, were rehearsing, and what’s worse is I cant even sing.” Bruce Springsteen, commenting on Barbara Pyle’s photograph Dawn Rehearsal made at 7 a.m. at the Record Plant in New York City on the day Born to Run was finished, and the day the band would begin the Born to Run tour with their first show that same evening in Providence.